Toothpaste Tips:
What You Need to Know

 All the benefits of the toothpaste depend on how long it's on your teeth. Fluoride, which helps to strengthen our enamel, generally takes at least 2 minutes to be effective. And, same goes for the properties in whitening toothpaste and toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.  If you are only brushing for 30 seconds to 1 minute, you're probably not getting the full benefits of fluoride, whitening power, or sensitivity relief (potassium nitrate).  Don't rush the brush for this reason.

My favorite whitening toothpaste is AP 24!  I suffer from major sensitivity when I use professional whitening procedures or strips. I hurt for about a week with severe sensitivity and often times sore gums from the hydrogen or carbomide peroxide. AP 24 toothpaste does an amazing job of brightening and lightening your teeth with no harsh ingredients or abrasiveness.  And,  it's safe and gentle even kids can use it!  The vanilla mint flavor is pretty amazing, too!!  No appointment needed.  No change in your routine. White teeth with zero sensitivity. Just brush!

Whatever toothpaste you choose or prefer, spread your toothpaste all over your teeth and tongue, then begin brushing.

The goal is to brush, minimum, 1 minute on the top and 1 minute on the bottom, twice a day.

Brush Your Teeth
in a Pattern

It is so important to pay attention to what you're doing when you brush, so you're not missing surfaces. At this point it doesn't matter how long the toothpaste has been working if your not removing the bacteria causing the problems. Imagine your mouth as two horseshoes. Start with the top teeth and end with the bottoms. 

The most common area for gum recession from aggressive brushing is generally on the canines and premolars. This tends to be the first stroke when people brush and hardest hit, so begin in the back. Start on the outside of your upper right molars (or farthest tooth back). The brush should be angled so the longer bristles are touching the gums and the FitsBrush's orange row is reaching the biting surface. Continue with short, overlapping strokes until you reach the opposite side or left molars. Try to keep the toothbrush in contact with the teeth and gums at all times. Avoid taking it in and out of the mouth.


Now, rotate your bristles to the inside (longer bristles reach the gums and orange row toward the biting surface) and brush the insides of your top teeth in the same pattern...left molar to right molar. For the inside of the front teeth, you'll have to angle the handle vertically and brush up and down. And now the biting surface. Concentrate the FitsBrush's orange row of bristles on the chewing surface on the top teeth and give them a good scrub. Chewing sugar-free gum will also help clean the pits and grooves throughout the day.


You are now ready to complete the bottom teeth in the same pattern as the top. It's a good thing your bottom teeth already have the concentrated toothpaste working on 'em! Remember, you should not be taking the toothbrush in and out, in and out, bottom to top, top to bottom. Re-train yourself to not jump around and use this pattern everytime you brush. You will have amazing results!


Then last, but not least....brush your tongue. Try to reach back as far as you can (I gag everytime) to clean your circumvallate tastebuds,  where alot of bacteria gets hung up. Stick your tongue out, you'll see them.  I find that most people who don't generally brush their tongue have bad breath. 

Care for your

Always rinse, tap, and dry your toothbrush when you are done to avoid mold spores from forming. The FitsBrush has a smooth handle design to avoid bacteria traps. Store your toothbrush away from other people's brush to avoid germ contamination.

Toothbrush bristles become worn and lose resiliency with each use, resulting in less plaque removal. Replace your brush every three (3) months for maximum effectiveness. 

The FitsBrush is intended for children over five years of age.


This new design to the traditional toothbrush is what makes this the most efficient and effective toothbrush on the market today. 

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