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The FitsBrush is sold in Illinois at:

Topway Foods in Pecatonica.  

Sullivans Foods in Winnebago.

 Snyders Pharmacies in Dixon, Oregon, Byron, Winnebago, and Poplar Grove.  

And, County Market in Byron! 

If you would like to offer the FitsBrush in

your store, contact us!

Add FitsBrush to Your Dental Office or Fundraiser: 

The FitsBrush is carried by several dental offices, as well.  If you would like to receive a FitsBrush after your check-up, please share the website information with your oral health care professional. 

 Are you looking for a new fundraiser idea for your school or organization, The FitsBrush is the way to go! Just click on the contact link and we'll be in touch.  

P.O Box 132  Winnebago, Illinois          



Have a question about the FitsBrush? Are you interested in distributing FitsBrush at your store or dental office? Are you looking for an alternative to school fundraising? Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

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