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 The most important approach against the occurrence of cavities on this surface is the sealing of the pits and fissures or grooves. 

 A sealant is a protective coating, which is applied to the biting surfaces of the back teeth.


 The sealant forms a hard shield that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves and pits. 


The bristles are strategically placed in a concave pattern to conform to our convex shaped teeth, perfectly

This will ensure the proper brushing angle of 45 degrees and reach below the gumline. 


The #1 cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease. Bristles reaching the gums is extremely important.

FitsBrush is made to fit your mouth! 




The long, x-soft outer bristles will reach deep below the gumline to remove the harmful bacteria and gently stimulate the tissues and fight against gingivitis and periodontal disease. 

The soft but firm, inner bristles will deep clean in-between the teeth and tackle the #1 spot for cavities, the difficult chewing surface.


The occlusal, or chewing surface, is most susceptible to decay because of the deep grooves and pits it contains.  As we chew, food gets smashed  into those areas and are difficult to clean.  This is where most people get cavities. 

It's ok to "scrub" this surface of the tooth.  

The head of the FitsBrush was designed wide enough to surround all occlusal surfaces so no groove or pit is left untouched.  The center rows of bristles are firmer and will penetrate deeper and clean into those tough areas. 





One thing you will notice about the FitsBrush is the elongated shaped head versus the traditional oval.  One of the

studies I conducted was watching and evaluating people physically brushing their teeth.  The most common brushing trait

was the length of each brushing stroke. Generally brushing

4-5 teeth at a time. 

Think about a smaller sized toothbrush head, like the electric toothbrush from Oral-B, with a round, oscillating head.  

The claim is this toothbrush will give you that 

"just from the dental office"

clean feeling at home. Why? Because it's close to the same size prophy head that a hygienist uses to polish your teeth.


So, yes it could be comparable,  but...unless your using that electric Oral-B like a hygienist would, going tooth-to-tooth,

surface-to-surface, your not going to get that same result.

Most people do not brush one tooth at a time for 5-6 seconds,

then move on to the next, 5-6 seconds, walking the brush slowly from surface to surface, like a hygienist cleaning your teeth. 


The FitsBrushes unique elongated head allows for 50% more

 bristles and cleans more surface area with each stroke, all

without feeling big in your mouth. Great for those with a gag reflex or even a parent brushing a impatient toddlers teeth!  It gets the

job done with minimal strokes, if needed. 

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