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FitsBrush Toothbrush

FitsBrush Toothbrush


FitsBrush is a revolutionary manual toothbrush that is tough on plaque, yet gentle on the gums. This state of the art toothbrush teaches you how to brush.  Features include a handle that bends from side to side to reach behind the difficult molar area, a warning flex to prevent gum recession and aids in breaking your hard brushing habit, and has an elongated brush head that contains 50% more bristles that combines both extra soft and soft bristles in a unique concave shape that helps you brush at the recommended 45 degree angle for a superior, deep, gentle clean, every time. 


Currently available in white/orange & white/purple, but will be adding more colors as the love for the FitsBrush grows. Different colored caps or mini rubber bands can be used for personalization until more colors are available. 


    If you are not 100% satisified, I'm not satisified!  Just send me an email at and you'll receive a refund. No refunds offered to damaged toothbrushes from use.

  • ADA

    The FitsBrush is not ADA (American Dental Association) tested or approved. 


    Orders will ship within 2-3 days after processing

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