a life dedicated to oral hygiene     

At about age 12 my curiosity and interest in teeth began. Not so much how to take care of them, that came later, but it was in the structure of a mouth and its teeth - the size, shape, color, spacing, position, shininess, speech...everything! I struggled with thumb sucking as a child, which resulted with buck teeth and the nickname, The Beav, which my family and close friends still refer to me as today.  I am the youngest of seven children and orthodontic treatment was not an option to fix my broken smile, but surprisingly my teeth are perfectly straight without any treatment.  I always wondered, how is that possible without braces?!

My interest increased over the years, so I decided to venture to dental assisting school after serving five years in the United States Air Force. I sat alongside a dentist for four years drilling, filling, & pulling and continued to ask questions of why and how.


Over those years I began to investigate even further topics like oral bacteria, the decay process, tooth formations, anything and everything. And what was the consensus from all that research? It's all about learning proper oral care from a young age to avoid problems to the teeth and gums later in life. 


It was 20 years ago that my passion for a career in Dental Hygiene was born and now all that experience is changing the functionality and efficiency of the modern manual toothbrushes.

20 Years




How Rachael Gives Back

FitsBrush not only perfectly fits your mouth, it also stands for "Funding In The School" which is Rachael's way of giving back.

It was 17 years ago Rachael graduated as a hygienist and since has worked with over 15,000 adults and children. She is currently a hygienist for the Rockford Public School System under Dr. Cyrus Oates, providing exams, cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, and more importantly, education. Working in the schools was an eye opening experience for her.  

The amount of tooth decay and neglect that she witnessed made the statistic more real - "The #1 most common childhood disease is not obesity,  its tooth decay. Kids are missing first and second molars already, due to deep decay that was neglected.  At a certain point, the only way to save a tooth is a root canal and crown.  In the case of most of the kids we treat,  parents can only afford to extract the tooth instead. Can you imagine missing molars your whole life? How differently would you choose your food?"


And tooth decay is largely preventable with the proper knowledge and tools! In fact, in Rachael's home state of Illinois, after 6th grade (age 11-12), a child is legally never required to see a dentist? That is the most important time for check-ups and education!

Rachael gives back to the kids by educating them about healthy eating habits and proper oral hygiene. She has donated more than 2000 FitsBrushes to children in need. She provides dental resources, education, and supplies to schools seeking to educate children on the importance of oral hygiene.

Check out FitsBrush to be your school's next fundraiser!

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